Text2.Me for SMS - Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Text2.Me is an online service that gives you a text-enabled phone number, which can be used with your current mobile phone, your current email application, or our web application. We offer a lot of features beyond a standard mobile text number, such as logging and tracking of messages, flexible forwarding of texts, smart automatic replies, and language translation. A complete list of features are here.

You can try Text2.Me by starting here. You will be able to create your service account, select a phone number in your local area code, and enable your service in a few minutes. Our service is only available in the United States, and a credit card is required.

During the sign up process, you will be able to specify a state, area code or digits for your phone number. You can then select your number from a list of available numbers that match your criteria.
Depending on your settings, any or all of the following can happen:
  • The text is forwarded to your personal phone's SMS text application. The message will come from your Text2.Me number and will show the original sender's phone number along with a message ID. You can reply to that message and your text will be forwarded to the sender.
  • The text is translated to an email and sent to your email address. You reply to that email and the text will be sent to the original sender as an SMS text message.
  • The text is logged in your Text2.Me web application. Several web views are available for you to track and reply to incoming messages.
The sender can see one of the following, again depending on your Text2.Me settings.
  • Nothing until you reply.
  • Immediately get a preset reply, for example, "We received your message and get back to you soon". You can change this reply at any time in your settings.
  • Immediately get a "smart reply", which is determined by the content of the incoming message. For example, if the incoming text message is "When are open?", you can define a smart reply which immediately responds with "We are open 9am to 5pm on weekdays." You can create your own set of smart replies that matches your specific business needs.
When the message sender receives your reply, it is coming from your Text2.Me service number, not your personal number. Your number is never shown to the sender.

Yes. You view, reply or send SMS text messages exclusively from our web application log in. In many cases, it is much easier to manage your texts that way. By using your PC or tablet, you can send texts using a full keyboard instead of a mobile screen. You can filter or sort messages by incoming number, time or content in our web views.

You can also manage all your messages from your email application by forwarding your texts to your email address. When you reply, your email will be translated and sent as an SMS message to the sender. You can maintain text conversations entirely using email.

Your Text2.Me will accept voice calls. You can enable an automated voice reply. The reply is set in your Settings page and uses text-to-speech to speak the reply.

You can alternatively forward voice calls to another number. Note, call minutes routed this way are counted toward your bill.

You can choose to be notified whenever a voice call is received. You can also choose to send an SMS text message to the incoming caller's number. Of course, the user will only see the message if he is calling from a text-enabled device.

Your subscription serivice is billed monthly. The price is determined by the level of service that you select - Text Basic service or Text Plus service. When you sign up for our service, you will be prompted to enter a credit card and charged your first month's fee. You subsequently be billed on the same day each subsequent month. You can discontinue your service at any time, which will terminate at the end of the current month.
Our service currently only provides text phone numbers from the U.S. and Canada. However, our web application can be used anywhere that is accessible to the Internet.
Using Text2.Me

If you enter your personal phone number in your account settings, that message is identified as coming from an account owner. When you send a message from your phone to your Text2.Me number, that message is assumed to be a reply to the last message. Text2.Me will find your last incoming message, and send your message to that sender.

To create a new message from an account owner's phone, start the message with "New" or "new". The message will then be treated as a regular message instead of a reply. For example, if an account owner sends "New This is a test.", a new message will be created with the contents "This is a test."

Note, you can also test sending messages to your Text2.Me number from the Settings page of your web log in.

Each message that is forwarded to you will include an id. For example, a forward message will appear like "#123 from +1(555) 555-5555 Hello how are you?" where 123 is the message ID. To reply to your last message, just send your reply text. To reply to any older messages, start with the reply number. To reply to our example above, type "123 I am fine, how are you?".

In your Account Profile, enter your phone number. Text2.Me will identify any messages from this phone number as the account owner. Then in your service Settings page, enable forwarding to your phone number. Any new messages will be forwarded to this number, and any messages from your account phone number can be treated as a reply.

If you have auto reply or smart reply features enabled, the automatic reply sent will also be copied to the text forwarded to you. An example of this would be the forwarded message: "#123 from +1(555) 555-5555 What is your address? REPLIED: We are located at 123 Main St." This indicates the message ID "123", the sender's number "+1(555) 555-5555", the incoming text "What is your address?" and the smart automatic reply "We are located at 123 Main St."

Your account log in let's you can managed your incoming texts in following views.

  • Dashboard. An overview of your text activity is shown here, including daily statistics, last messages and account news.
  • Chat. This view resembles your mobile messaging app and allows you to easily respond to the most current messages. All notifications and auto-replies are also shown here.
  • Messages Table. This view organizes your incoming messages like an inbox, showing messages that need to be addressed. You can respond with each message, then remove it from view after it is handled. There are a number of sort and filter options available.
  • Search History. This view let's you search and filter your message history. You can also export your selected message data to an Excel or comma separated value file.
These views provide an easy and flexibile way to manage your incoming messages.

If you don't want to deal with a new user interface and you already deal with email most of the day, you manage your Text2.Me messages entirely from your current email system.

  • Incoming text messages are forwarded to your email address.
  • Your email reply to the forwarded texts will be sent as a text message to the sender. You can have a conversation with a text user exclusively using your email.
  • You can initiate an SMS message to any number from your email as well by sending an email to the Text2.Me notification address with the phone number in the subject line.
  • You can be notified by email when any auto-replies are sent.

For each incoming message, the following information is logged.
  • Text of the message.
  • Date and time.
  • Sender's phone number. If available, the origin location (state and city/county) of the phone number.
  • Replies sent for this message from the account owner's mobile number, email or web app.
  • Notfications sent for this message, ie if forwarded to another text number or email.
  • If auto-reply or smart reply is enabled, the text reply sent back to the sender.
  • If language translation is enabled, the original text, original language, the translated text, and the translated language for the incoming message and any translated replies.
  • If sentiment analysis is enabled, the sentiment score of the incoming text.
  • Comments/notes added via the web app.
In the Search view you can select the following parameters to generate a report.
  • Message status - new or archived.
  • Date and time range.
  • Incoming number if you have more than one Text2.Me subscription number.
  • Message text contents.
When the report is generated, a list of matching messages are presented. You can then sort the report by message ID, status, subscription number, text contents, number of replies. Selecting any single message will allow show all of the message details.

This feature allows you to converse with any sender in another language. In your settings, when you enable language translation you specify the language you want translated to (ie, in what language do you read texts, by default English) and what language you want your replies translated to (by default, this is set to the same as the incoming language).

When a message is received, the text of the language is detected. If it is different than the desired language, it is translated before being forwarded to you. You can choose to show both original and translated text, or just the translated text.

When you reply to a message, your text's language is detected. If it is different than the sender's text, it is translated and sent. Note that all detection and translation is done automatically in the flow of the conversation.

We are using the Google Translate service, which supports over 70 languages, to perform the translation.

Smart Replies are intended to quickly give your customers the information they want while relieving you of the overhead required to answer and reply to each message. Text2.Me identifies the intent of the incoming message by using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to analyze the text language. The intent is then matched with the appropriate reply, which is sent back to the sender.

You can choose to use the standard or custom smart replies. In the standard option, you can enable any of the following intentions by just entering how you want to reply.

  1. What hours are your open?
  2. What is your address?
  3. Do you have any specials?
When an incoming text is identified as asking any of these questions, your reply setting will be sent. If you don't want to answer an intent, keep the reply setting empty. Note that the incoming text does not need to match this text. Text2.Me will interpret ambiguous language.

If the standard smart replies don't meet your needs, you can create your own set of intentions and replies. You define your own list by first defining your reply, then adding incoming message samples that match that reply. You can add as many replies as you need. When you upload your set, our AI engine will train itself to interpret your samples. After uploading, you can test your custom smart replies.

Custom smart replies should include typical inquiries that your customers ask. For example, if you are a restaurant, you customers may frequently ask if you deliver meals. To implement this:

  1. In our Settings page, select "Use my custom smart reply set" and "Edit my smart replies" to show your reply settings.
  2. Add a custom reply, for example "We deliver from 6pm to 9pm, Thursday to Saturday
  3. Define the set of sample messages for this reply, for example:
    • Do you deliver
    • do i need to pick up my order?
    • when can you deliver my meal
    • is a delivery service available
    • how can I get my meal delivered to me
    Adding more samples will increase the accuracy of the match.
  4. Upload the custom set.
  5. Test the set by entering some test messages and checking if if your reply matches. Adjust your samples if neccessary.