Text2.Me for SMS

Can the people you need to communicate with reach you with text? Text2.Me is an easy to use, low cost service that lets any mobile send text messages to your business or home. No app download is required. Track and respond to all interactions with our web site, your email or privately from your personal phone.

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Text2.Me Service

Text2.Me provides you a text-enabled phone number where mobile phone users can send SMS text messages. Incoming messages can be forwarded privately to your personal phone or email and managed from our web application. Add message real-time processing features such as automated smart responses, language translation, and sentiment analysis.

For Business

Make texting part of your business operations. View and reply to texts with our web application or your current email app. All interactions are logged so you can audit a customer's history. For small or individual business, Text2.Me is a low cost alternative to keeping a business voice line.

Make communications easier for your customers while improving your business operational efficiency.

For Personal Use

Text2.Me is a low-cost alternative to purchasing another mobile phone. You can quickly get a text number for temporary use. such as ads or one-time events, while keeping your primary mobile number private.


  • Provides you a dedicated a voice and text-enabled phone number.
  • Incoming texts can be forwarded to your personal phone or email. A mobile phone is NOT required. Change settings at any time.
  • View and reply to incomings texts using
    • your mobile phone, without exposing your private number.
    • our web application, allowing you to more easily type replies with a keyboard.
    • your current email by sending and replying with email messages.
  • For voice calls set an auto-reply answer, forward to another phone, or send a text to caller.
  • All messages and replies are logged and accessible with our historical reports.
  • Automatically reply with "smart reply" messages.
    • Create own set of automated responses based on typical questions from your customers.
    • Add or modify your custom "smart replies" on demmand.
    • Provides quicker response to your customers while relieving you of work.
  • Detect and translate incoming text from over 50 languages to your chosen language before it is shown to you. Your replies are automatically translated to the sender's language.
  • Purchase additional text numbers with all incoming messages managed with a single view.

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Use Cases

  • Allow customers to text information request or orders to your business.
  • Save employee time by replacing answering phone calls with text replies.
  • Track customer usage by auditing text messages with Text2.Me reports.
  • Improve customer response times by handling text replies from your PC instead of your mobile.
  • Save money by replacing mobile/land lines with more cost-effective Text2.Me numbers.
  • Separate your personal info from your business info:
    • Keep your personal mobile number private by publicizing your Text2.Me number.
    • You can still using your mobile to view and reply business messages.
    • Selectively turn forwarding on/off when you stop/start work.
    • Selectively change the forwarding destination to colleagues when you are off-duty or on vacation.
  • Keep your personal info private when inteacting with the public by using Text2.Me as a buffer. Purchase a Text2.Me number for temporary use and discard when it is no longer needed.
    • When you want the public to contact you via text, ie, when placing a classified ad.
    • Attending one-time events and you want to maintain your private number.
    • Provide vendors a way to contact you, but still keep your information from potential tele-marketers.
    • While traveling to the US, get a local number so you can be contacted more easily with text.

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Text Basic Plan


  • One Text Number.
  • 200 SMS text messages and/or voice call minutes.
  • Forward to one mobile and one email.
  • Email Support.
  • $5 for each additional 200 messages/voice minutes.
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Text Plus Plan


  • Same as Text Basic Plan
  • Smart Replies
  • Language Translation
  • Sentiment Analysis
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Text2.Me Sign Up

Use the link below to create an account and sign up for a monthly subscription.

A limited number of 7 day free trials are available. Contact us to obtain a promotion code. When registering, select the trial plan then enter the code. You will be assigned a temporary phone number. If you wish to continue, enter your payment information and you can select a permanent number.