Text2.Me for Bots

Text2.Me for Bots is a platform service that let's you create, deploy and share conversational message applications - without writing code. Currently Text2.Me for Bots is available for Facebook Messenger. Sign in with your Facebook account, and get your Messenger bot running in minutes.

Deploy pre-made Bots

You can deploy any of our pre-made bots to your Facebook pages with a few clicks. You can interact with one of our demo applications before signing up. If you want to deploy any of these to your Facebook page, sign in using your Facebook credentials, then just select a bot.

Make your own Bots

Once you deploy a demo bot in your account, you can modify it's operation by changing settings in our web application. You can even modify chat conversation flow with our graphical process editor. Create new chat applications by building on top of these existing demo bots. Coding skill are NOT required!

Share your bots

If you create an interesting bot that you wish to share with others, you can make your Bot configuration public. Other Text2.Me Bot users can then deploy that appp in their account.

Text2.Me Bot for Messenger Features

  • Create chat bots that read/respond to Messenger messages to your Facebook page.
  • Get your bot running quickly. Get your Facebook developer credentials, then:
    • Streamlined startup sign up process. Just log in to Text2.Me with your Facebook crendentials..
    • Enter your Facebook page access credentials and Text2.Me will provide you a webhook URL.
    • Select a pre-made bot application and deploy.
    • Send a message to your Page and see the bot respond.
  • Trigger actions based on incoming text or payload responses.
  • Create conversation send/response flows using a graphical modeling tool. Can build sophisticated state-machine models as graph.
    • Create process graph by dragging/dropping and connecting symbols on a canvas.
    • Invoke functions by filling out a form.
    • View process flow dynamically as incoming messages are processed.
    • Easy to debug, modify conversations.
  • Modify any Messenger send and thread controls using our web forms.
    • Send media - images, audio, video or files. Upload media into our service for content distribution if needed.
    • Supports Messenger Button and Quick Reply controls for sending user menu options.
    • Supports Messenger Generic Templates for slide show selections.
  • Integrate conversations with other web services, such as email, SMS, Google Translate.
  • Optionally use Artificial Intelligence to interpret messages.
    • Create own set of automated responses based on typical questions from your users.
    • Add or modify your custom "smart replies" on demmand.
  • Support for multiple pages in a single Facebook account.
  • Free to use during introductory period.

Text2.Me Bots for Messenger Sign Up

To access Text2.Me for Bots, click on the button below and log in using your Facebook ID and password. Note, a Facebook user and developer account is required to create a Messenger bot. If you don't have an account, create one at facebook.com before signing in here.