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Today approximately 80% of internet users use a mobile device and that number is likely to continue to grow. Because so many consumers now have smartphones, the amount of text messaging will only increase. Many businesses are now migrating their internet based outreach programs to include SMS as a way to capitalize on this growing trend. offers businesses of all types with the ability to easily begin taking advantage of this trend for a minimal monthly fee.

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Most consumers today are mobile-centric and over 86% of consumers send and receive texts every week. Most communication occurs among one another but increasingly consumers expect that businesses are "text enabled" and require the increased customer service that immediate texting offers. The service offers businesses the ability to provide immediate customer access and interaction via text messaging.

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Unlike email communication, approximately 96 percent of text messages are read immediately - within one minute of receipt - influencing smartphone owners almost immediately. For this reason, marketing is quickly shifting toward using text-based strategies to insure instant communication. provides a way to automatically respond to customers incoming requests for a complete and immediate customer service experience. easily tap into this huge market trend.

Mobile Usage

Around the world, over six billion smartphone subscribers send over 389 Billion text messages every month. Arguably, texting has quickly become the "killer app" around the world and businesses should be adopting text over voice as the primary way to communicate with their customer base. provides a seamless and low cost approach for businesses easily tap into this huge market trend.


Do you consider your personal mobile number private information? Are you taking any steps to keep it private? We all have times where we need to give people we don't neccessarily trust a way to contact us - ordering an item from a store, placing an online ad, filling a form for information, giving a contact to people you just met, etc. Once you give your personal number away, do you know where it goes? Haven't we all gotten tele-marketing calls and wondered how they obtained your number?

Our approach to addressing this problem is to give you a Text2.Me phone number that can be used in these cases. That number can be set up to forward incoming calls or texts to your personal number so you don't need an additional mobile phone. Text replies from your mobile device will appear to come from your Text2.Me service number. Since Text2.Me is a monthly service without any long term contract commitments, when you no longer need the number, just terminate the service. With the basic service starting at $10 per month, this is also a very cost effective alternative to purchasing new number from yoru mobile phone provider.

Why Let People Send Text Messages to Your Business?

As a business owner, why would you want clients, customers and prospects sending your business text messages?

Easy - more and more people use text messaging that any other communications medium. Certainly the younger generation uses SMS text messaging far more than any other other way to communicate.

Take an example: as a restaraunt owner, why have your customers first SMS text each other to set up a date to go to your restaurant, and then jump to the telephone function and call you to make a reservation, and then jump back to text messaging to confirm with the party?

Just have your customer send you a text for the reservation. You make the reservation and send them the confirmation back. The customer never breaks out of their most heavily used communications medium. will give you a dedicated phone number to put onto your web site, and then your customers can reach you by SMS text with a single click. It can't be any easier to reach your customers.

If you aren't persuaded yet, consider this:

  • Have you ever seen your customer, client, or prospects without a mobile phone? Mobile phones are ubiquitous.
  • If you are in a public place, look around and see how many people are using their mobile phone right now. AT least 90% are on it rught now texting each other.
  • Your customers can connect with you, and you can respond to them for customer service, orders, special offers, etc. The list is endless.
  • SMS is always on, and SMS is immediate.

Using SMS text to communicate with your customer base makes sense. They are already there communicating with each other. You should join into the conversation with them, today.

Welcome to Text2.Me

Today we are offering a new service that let's you do more with chat. Since texting is the primary way people are communicating with each other, we believe this service could be of benefit to many. Initially our service will allowing you to organize and access your texts more effectively. Open texting services allows us to integrate any Internet-accessible service or information source with your texts. Over time, you will see more us provide more features with the goal of making chat more effective and interesting.

If you would like to learn more, please text us at 1(415) 214-9250.