Chat Messaging Services

Text2.Me is set of online services that enhance the way you use chat. From providing SMS capability to delivering chat bots, Text2.Me can make your messaging more effective and fun!

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Text2.Me for SMS

Text2.Me for SMS provides you a text-enabled phone number where mobile phone users can send SMS text messages. Manage your messages from your personal phone, email or a web browser. Text2.Me for SMS makes it easy for your customers communicate with you the way they want - with text messaging.

Text2.Me for Bots

Create your own Facebook Messsenger bot to engage with your friends or customers- without coding! Text2.Me for Bots let's any Facebook user deploy one of our pre-made bots or create their own using our graphical user interface.

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Custom Services and Demos

We provide development services to deliver custom messaging applications that fit your business needs.